I went to see Adam Buxton (from The Adam & Joe Show) last night in Greenwich. It was basically him sitting onstage with his laptop plugged into a projector sharing his favourite music videos with the 300 people in the audience. It was shambolic - Adam spent a lot of time navigating around his computer, not finding files. But this improvised ad-libbiness made it all the more enjoyable.

The best bits were:

1) His recitation of YouTube comments
This sounds totally inane but, an enormously skilled actor, Adam is really good at doing different voices: Enraged man, Geeky chap, Idiot-hole. He should seriously consider doing a whole stand-up show where he just reads out YouTube comments (I might email him and suggest it, though it might come across a bit "stalky").

2) A homevideo from the early 1990s
made by Adam Buxton, his comedy partner Joe Cornish, and childhood buddy Louis Theroux. These three all went to the same school together. So wish I'd been in their gang.

3) This video by Pes.


Jay Neill said...

I love Dr. Buckles too. Wish the BBC had commissioned Meebox.

Trifle said...

It was similar with his show at the BFI, I'm not sure he really has the leading power to wield an entire program, I think his ideal sitch is to have a slot on a bigger show. Unfortunately there aren't many slot based shows where that could happen these days - British comedy is mostly complete plums these days.

Anonymous said...

the dvd of the adam and joe show has a lot of their old videos from their schooldays. worth a look.