This bragger looked familiar. 

Then I remembered. 

Is Mr "King Of Retards" the same person as Mr "I Am Serious Now"?


Anonymous said...

Arn't these from Still undecided whether these are funny or a bit cruel.

dominic said...

yes you're right:

i dont think that they're cruel, since these guys are fraudsters.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that while it's funny if the images are in fact scammers, that's not always the case. In some cases they could be forcing other people to pose for these photos, which is cruel and makes the photos more sad than funny. It even says on 419eater that the scammers sometimes force innocent people to pose.

"although the large majority of the people featured here are the scammers themselves, sometimes they pay, or even threaten with violence, innocent people to pose on their behalf"

dominic said...

Good point, well made.
I will cease and desist from making fun of the 419ers.