I used to really admire Piers Morgan when he was a tabloid newspaper editor, but I've come to detest him ever since he became a TV personality/pompous bastard. This ad, voiced by the odious Morgan, really makes me cringe and cower every time I hear it. I think it's the line comparing a steak to his chubby thumb that really hurts me.

"It's my opinion, and therefore a fact, that you can't beat a good steak. And not any old steak. I want my steak matured for at least 21 days, hand-cut and as thick as my chubby thumb.
"I want it covered in crushed peppercorns, cooked to absolute perfection, and finished with butter, sea salt and fresh parsley. And I want every fork-full to leave me utterly speechless."


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Anonymous said...

I wish he'd stick his chubby thumb up his chubby arse and fuck off.