I had to nick this video from VIDEO THUNDER, it's too good. If you don't know, this man is STEVE McCLAREN, he is an English football manager who no one in England likes because he was manager of England when we failed to qualify for Euro 08, because no one in England likes him he moved to Holland to take charge of Dutch team FC Twente. Here he is being interviewed by Dutch TV before a game against English club Arsenal, and for some weird reason instead of actually speaking in Dutch (which I dont think he can) he's decided to speak in English, but with a Dutch accent!?!? It's abit like when I did my French GCSE oral exam, and my French teachers advice was, "If you dont know the French word, just say it in English, but try and sound French", I got an F.


Polly said...

I have a wierd uncle that sounds like this. Why is it impossible to find a youtube of glen hoddle talking shit about disabled people? Everyone knows it happened but theres no trace of it..

JIRO said...

I dont think it was filmed was it, I think he was just being interviewed by a newspaper and he said that all people born disabled were being punished by God for doing bad in a previous life, their is this Hoddle video though

William Plant said...

fucking asshole i erased that song song from my memory and you just brought it screaming back, fuck chris waddle fuck glen hoddle and fuck you.
On a lighter note this is possibly my favourite website so thankyou nad excuse my bad language