In the 60's the FBI were growing increasingly concerned with the Black Panthers and certain campaigns that they were involved in including their "Breakfast for Children" program, which the FBI felt may potentially be successful in teaching children to hate police and to spread anti-white propaganda. In response the FBI decided to spread their own anti-white propaganda as a pre-emptive strike and produced a fake 24 page Black Panther Coloring Book for children that was made to look like it had been created by the Black Panthers themselves.



Oliver said...

and when that didn't work they flooded the streets with heroin and crack

Polly said...

where the heck you find this its too good

khalid said...

I understand that a lot of people believe this book was created by the FBI, but in fact, it was created by the Black Panther Party. Mark Teemer aka Akinsanya Kambon a member of the BPP created it. The BPP loved the book and released it around the all around the country. They sold it for 25 cents each, but they retracted it because they began losing the financial support of the white community. Mark Teemer agreed to lay low and allowed the BPP to promote the lie that the FBI created it.

EMM PEE EFF said...

khalid, I am writing a story on the Black Panther Coloring Book and was wondering if you could provide sources I could check for information. thankyou!

Blue said...

Khalid has no source!The book was made by a member of the Sac.branch of the Black Panther Party.The Party leadership ordered the books not to be used and destroyed. Agents of the FBI got a hold of a few copies and used them to smear the Black Panther Party in line with the goals of the FBI's COINTELPRO progam.

Anonymous said...

True, the Black Panther Coloring Book was designed and created by a Panther member but then was ordered destroyed because it was not what the Panthers represented. The book was Anti-White and extremely graphic for children. The book was destroyed but a copy was forwarded to the FBI. The FBI (Cointelpro) mass produced it to scare off White radical support. The White Panther Party, Rising Up Angry and John Brown Revolutionary League among other White radical groups similar to the Black Panthers understood and aligned themselves with the Panther ideology.

The misinformation about the Panthers is in itself an unfortunate part of the US Governments repression against poor working class people in Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White communities.

"Always cross reference your sources"
-Albert Einstein