If McRorie ever comes to London i'm gonna wet my pants


Anonymous said...

Personaly I think whoever posted this as a "joke" video should go Fuck themselves up the ass, (whatever large object can not fit but can be forced) . I highly doubt that you have half the talent that this man has in your pinky finger. When McRorie does play in London I will be there to end your crying with a nice cold barrel down your throat. :)

JIRO said...

What the hell is wrong with you, the video is from McRorie's offical website, so how the fuck is it a joke video. Also, where the fuck does the post take the piss or belittle McRorie's talents, it's up because we love the guy and know he is incredibly talented. Good luck watching
him him in London, I emailed him 2 years ago asking if he has plans to play in England and his answer was no.

PETE said...

Mr Anonymous I think you ARE McRorie, why don't you come to london and bone me yourself that would be more enjoyable